Sandal Web Services design and develop web sites. That’s it. What we don’t do is sell web sites. Sandal Web Services will never try to sell you a product that you don’t need, have not asked for OR charge you a monthly fee for your web site, hosting or email.


  • 3 Pages
  • SSL Certificate
  • No CMS
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size


  • 5 Pages
  • SSL Certificate
  • Basic CMS
  • 15 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size


  • Unlimited Pages
  • SSL Certificate
  • Full CMS
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size

All our packages include 12 months hosting and 12 months domain name registration and unlimited email inbox size.

Once you have bought your web site we believe you then own your web site. While there are many companies who will continue to charge you a monthly fee for hosting or maintenance we NEVER WILL.

Every web site we create is fully mobile responsive, follows Google strict SEO guidlines including page loading speed and is secure.

We put a price list on our web site so you can see exactly what your web site will cost you, no prices from or prices on application, no sales person calling you up to try and work out how much they can get out of you, just a simple price in plain English.

Above is a table of prices showing you the 4 web site packages that we offer.

The Entry web site is perfect for start-ups. It consists of three pages (also known as a brochure site) which will have all of the features you require including contact form, logo, banners, information about yourself and services.

The Professional web site is for more established businesses, or for those who offer various services. This package also features a basic content management system that allows users to update text.

The Premium web site is for expanding companies who need full control over thier own content, including changing text with the ability to alter fonts, text color, plus the uploading of images and adding downloadable content (this web site would be classed as a Premium web site).

The E-Commerce web site is for businesses who want to sell their products online to potentially a world wide audience. How many shop owners have a web site but are not able to sell their products online? Maybe you already sell online but have to use a web site that charges a percentage for everything that you sell?

Why not take charge of all of your sales avenues with your own E-Commerce web site?


To have a web site you are going to need a few things first.

A domain name. Your domain name is your web site address; it usually ends with or .com. This has to be purchased from a domain name re seller, on average a domain name is around £15 for 2 years, a .com domain name is around £15 for 1 year. Your domain name is included free of charge for the first 12 months with your new web site.

Web site hosting. Your web site is basically a collection of files put together to give you your text, images, functionality etc... This needs to be stored on a webserver which involves paying for space on a hosting company’s server, allowing you to upload your web site files. Hosting is an ongoing YEARLY purchase; the hosting we use is with a reputable UK company with telephone support. The cost £50 per year. Your first 12 months hosting is included free of charge with your new web site.

Email hosting. This allows you to set up custom email addresses to your domain name and provides the facilities to login, send and recieve emails using programmes such as Microsoft Outlook. This feature is included with the hosting cost.

SSL Certificate. This is a security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and a browser remains encrypted and hence private.

The good news is, we do all this for you.

A 50% deposit is required to commence design of your new web site. Initial advice is free of charge.