Sandal Web Services design and develop websites. That’s it. What we don’t do is sell websites. Sandal Web Services will never try to sell you a product that you don’t need, have not asked for OR charge you a monthly fee for any of our services.

Once you have bought your website then we believe you then own your website. While there are many companies who will continue to charge you a monthly fee for hosting or maintenance we NEVER WILL.

This is why we put a price list on our website so you can see exactly what your website will cost you, no prices from or prices on application, no sales person calling you up to try and work out how much they can get out of you, just a simple price in plain English.


  • 3 Pages
  • No CMS
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size


Most Popular
  • 5 Pages
  • Basic CMS
  • 15 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size

Wordpress CMS Site

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Full CMS
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size

E-Commerce Web Site

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Full CMS
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Size

Every web site includes the following:

Registration of YOUR domain name which WILL be registered in your name, we will not keep it for ourselves and then charge you a ridiculous fee to transfer it back to you should ever wish to take your web site elsewhere in the future. After the free first year you will need to pay your Domain name renewal fee which is approximately £15.00 every two years.

1 years hosting with no restrictions on file size, email inbox size or traffic restrictions what so ever.

It also includes your web site with NO ONGOING MONTHLY FEES for site maintenance or hosting updates. Once you have paid for your web site, it belongs to you, we don’t use our customers as a cash cow to charge a monthly fee for a product you have already paid for. There is an annual hosting fee charge of £50.00 if you wish us to continue hosting your site after your initial free 12 months hosting.

Legitimate images up to a total value of £45 for you to use on your site (the image rights would allow you to use these in any other promotional material you may choose to have printed, this could include flyers or business cards, email footers etc…)

All code images, and database (if applicable) will belong to yourself.

If at any point you should wish to move your website hosting (we really hope you won’t!) all your code and database (if applicable) will be sent you in zip format at NO COST (after all it yours!)


Basic outline

Above is a table of prices showing you the 4 website packages that we do.

The Entry website is perfect for start-ups. It consists of a Three page (also known as a brochure site) which will have all of the features you require including contact form, logo, banners, information about yourself and services

The professional website is for more established business or for those who offer various services (this website would be classed as a Professional website) carrying the content over more than one page allowing various pages to be dedicated to more than one subject

A WordPress CMS website is ideal for expanding companies who need to take control over their own content. WordPress allows you to not only control the content of your site including changing text, uploading images plus countless other options that can be included using "plug-ins" WordPress also allows you to create new pages as well.

The E-Commerce website is for businesses who want to sell their products online to potentially a world wide audience. How many shop owners have a website but are not able to sell their products online? Maybe you already sell online but have to use a website that charges a percentage for everything that you sell?

Why not take charge of all of your sales avenues with your own E-Commerce website?


To have a website you are going to need a few things first.

A domain name. Your domain name is your website address; it usually ends with or .com. This has to be purchased from a domain name re seller, on average a domain name is around £15 for 2 years, a .com domain name is around £15 for 2 years.

Website hosting. Your website is basically a collection of files put together to give you your text, images, functionality etc... This needs to be stored on a webserver, this involves paying for space on a hosting company’s server allowing you to up load your website files to make it into a website. Hosting is an ongoing YEARLY purchase; the hosting we use is with a reputable UK company with telephone support. The cost £50 per year

E mail hosting. This again is provided by a hosting company, they allow you to set up your email names at your domain name and provide the facilities to login online to view your emails or use a programme like Microsoft outlook to send and receive your email.This is included with your hosting at no extra charge.

The good news is, we do all this for you, the price list below includes the cost of your domain name plus 1 years hosting and the setting up of your email accounts.

A 50% deposit is required to commence design of your new website, initial advice is free of charge.